Scooter Maintenance Services

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Cribbs Customs’ Scooter Maintenance/Service Suggested list:

Scooter maintenance is very important because the engine has to work harder then on a car. We recommend and encourage our customers to pay attention to a regular maintenance to prolong a scooter engine life. Please make sure you are using the correct gas and check/change the oil every 1000 miles. If you buy a new scooter please change your first oil at 300 miles.

We offer the following services:

  • Oil Change
  • Oil change with Lukas treatment
  • Scooter/ATV Carburetor Adjustment, Cleaning, and Replacement
  • Scooter Valve Adjustment
  • Scooter/ATV Troubleshooting
  • Scooter/ATV Tire Change
  • Scooter/ATV lights Replacement
  • Scooter/ATV Air Filter Replacement
  • Scooter CVT Belt Replacement
  • Scooter Clutch Replacement
  • Scooter/ Dirt Bikes Throttle Cable Replacement
  • Scooter Muffler Adjustment and Replacement
  • Scooter/Dirt Bike Brake Cleaning and/or Replacement
  • Scooter Spark Plug Replacement
  • Wheel and Steering Bearings Check

Something that we recommend for our customers to check every 300 miles and it can be done by themselves:

  • Engine Oil Level
  • Tire Pressure
  • Lights and Horn
  • Batter level

You can visit our locations to perform the following check every 1000 miles:

  • Change engine oil
  • Check tires for wear
  • Check valve stems for splits or cracks
  • Check brakes and throttle operations. Lubricate cables if required
  • Check all screws nuts and bolts and tighten along with muffler and exhaust fasteners and front and rear axles